Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello, World.

This post is here to fully explain the purposes of this blog that weren't covered by the header.

It's a strange world we call home. A world where we doubt we could have a good time with people that wasn't fueled by something external to us; weed, alcohol, cocaine, other drugs, TV, movies, video games. Of course. We couldn't be creative enough to make our own fun. We rely on other people. A world where little children are told by men in suits that if it weren't for their toys they wouldn't make friends and when the children grow older they doubt if they can pick up a girl without alcohol. I mean, it's only natural, no one could ever like you just for who you are. Your choice of things to wear and buy are what makes you appealing to people. It's also a world where people are afraid of opening up their own electronics because they don't have the proper clearance. I mean, it's not like we're experts or anything. It's also a world where people are afraid to be real with each other, because, no, they couldn't be like me and if I started being real I would drive them away. This world sure does have a lot of ways to get you down, doesn't it? Who the hell came up with these ideas? Who thought this was a good way to live? And even if you claim that you're not affected, is this really the place where you want to live? Or raise a family?

This is I'm going to break down society into easy to digest chunks for you and myself with the aim of living a life worth living. We'll chase down these villainous beliefs to their cores and then rip 'em out by the roots. My beliefs are humanitarian, my political leaning is independent, and I'm here to help.

We'll be in touch.